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2 Hour Bottom Fishing

2 Hour Light Tackle Trip

3 Hr Bottom Fish or Light Tackle

4 Hour Inshore Bass and Blues

up to 4 fishermen
up to 4 fishermen
up to 4 fishermen
up to 4 fishermen

Catch Fluke, Black Sea Bass & Scup

Light Tackle Fishing Is A Challenge And A Lot Of Fun!

Add Another Hour To Your Bottom Fish / Light Tackle Trip

Inshore Fishing At its Best! Lots Of Casting And Action

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Most Popular Trip

8 Hour Combo With Lunch

3 Hours Flats Fishing

2 Hour Sunset Cruise

up to 4 fishermen
up to 4 fishermen
up to 2 fishermen Max
up to 6 Passengers

On This Trip You Will Target Striped Bass, Bluefish, Fluke, False Albacore And Bonito

This Is An All Day Fishing Combo Trip And Lunch Is On Us

This Trip Is For 2 Fishermen Only Fishing The Flats With Fly Gear Catching Stripers On Fly. Additional Hours Are Available

Romantic Sunset Cruise On The Hula Dog At Sunset. Make Sure To Bring A Camera

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Bottom Fishing

Looking for a Great Family activity where experienced and beginning fishermen alike will enjoy their time on the water? Then a Bottom Fishing Charter is for you.

Bottom fish such as fluke and cod are abundant in the waters surrounding Block Island. Many of these fish are delicious table fare and it is almost certain you will get enough fish to take home for a meal or two.

All equipment, bait and tackle are provided but if you have a favorite rod and reel you can bring that along if you wish.

Light Tackle Trip

Light Tackle Trips are a favorite of experienced fishermen. Catching Big Fish on Light Tackle is a thrill that will test your fishing skills and patience.

Instead of muscling a fish to the boat the fisherman must play the fish based on how big it iis, the species of fishing and the temperament of each individual fish. If the fish wants to run you need to loosen the drag and let the reel scream, if the fish wants to jump you need to keep the line tight and if the fish wants to hang out at the bottom for the 3rd or 4th time you just have to let it.

If you have some experience fishing then this is the trip for you.

Inshore Bass and Blues

"Fishin Close To The Coast" .... Inshore fishing is a blast as you are fishing in shallower waters and the Stripped Bass and Blues tend to be bigger and more aggressive.

Instead of bait and a sinker we will troll or cast artificial lures that tend to agitate the fish which makes the strikes more violent. Have a 30 pound striper slam your lure and make a 100 yard run is amazing.

You do not dare set the rod in the holder fishing this way. You need to be alert and ready for a strike that can happen at any moment.

Grand Slam

The most popular trip we offer, The Grand Slam!

What do we fish for? The answer is pretty much everything in the Block Island waters. We typically start by fishing for Stripe Bass and then troll for other aggressive fish such as Blues & Bonita. After a few hours he then head over the Rock piles and fish for bottom fish such as fluke.

Bring a Big Cooler because these trips tend to fill one rather quickly.

Flats Fishing

Flats Fishing is for experienced fly fishermen that like to "hunt" their fish.

Using our special flats boat we pole you into shallow waters and help you spot fish to cast too. There is nothing more exciting than making the perfect cast and watching your quarry take the bait! Since the water is shallow the fights tend to be more arial with lots of jumps.

If flats fishing is your thing ask captain Matt about extending your trip.

Sunset Cruise

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There is nothing more Romantic and Relaxing then to watch the Sun Set over Block Island.

Bring your favorite beverage or better yet bring your picnic dinner (don't forget the Captain) on this memorable cruise.