Block Island Guests – Big Fish Are Headed Our way

by WreckTangle
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Hula Charters has started to pick up some nice fish in recent days.   As in past years this is the time we start seeing the Bigger Fish moving in and we are expecting to start picking up a number of Trophy’s in the coming days.

If you have fished for Trophy Stripers then this information should get your heart pumping.  If you have never fished for BIG Stripers then you need to find out what all the excitement is about.

Granted a 20 lb Striper is fun to catch,  but what about a 60+ pound striper that hits your lure like a run-a-way bus and then strips 100 yards line before you can say Oh My God!   Pound for pound there is no fish in the Block Island waters that fight any harder.

Our Grand Slam trips or Full Day Charters are the best for targeting these large fish.   You might even be able to talk Captain Matt into taking you on a Night Charter that specifically targerts these monsters after the sun goes down.

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The Grand Slam Charter is for fisherman that want the Full Meal Deal.  6 hours gives us time to fish all of the most popular species of fish around Block Island.  The Hula Dog is set up with all  the latest equipment and electronics to help use find and catch THE BIG ONE

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